The Connection Between Sheryl Crow, Breast Cancer and Plastic Water Bottles

The Connection Between Sheryl Crow, Breast Cancer and Plastic Water Bottles

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This article about Sheryl Crow and her breast cancer experience is one I posted on a blog of mine eons ago (July 2007). To this day, I STILL get a tremendous number of people reading and commenting on this article! I guess it truly demonstrates the need for fresh thinking when it comes to breast cancer.

Isn’t it fantastic, by the way, that Sheryl Crow has flourished since her encounter with breast cancer? I think she’s amazing!

Anyhow, since it’s apparently so popular, I wanted to share it once again, with the hope that it might help someone else experiencing the journey of cancer.

Here’s the original article from 2007:

I have received several copies now of an email that continues to re-circulate – it talks about, in an excruciatingly oversimplified way, how Sheryl Crow developed breast cancer because of drinking water from plastic water bottles that she had a habit of leaving out in her hot car.

OK. This was almost too silly for me to respond to. But it had just enough validity that thousands of
women would believe it in it’s current out-of-context form.

Have plastics been linked to cancer, especially hormonal cancers like breast and prostate? You bet!

What frightened me about this email circulating around the world wide web was that many people would read it and either stop drinking bottled water, or stop drinking bottled water that they had left in their cars,and they’d erroneously think they were “good to go”.

The issue of toxic xenoestrogens and plastics goes FAR beyond water bottles. Consider: food storage, cooking in the microwave using plastic containers or plastic wrap, packaging of processed foods, the off-gassing of every plastic item in our homes, the list goes on and on.

Of course we also know that water itself is not the culprit in those plastic bottles. Fruit juice, pop, sports drinks, kids’ drinks, if it’s in plastic, it’s toxic. (Add to that the toxicity of the ingredients
like high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners in those other drinks and, YIKES! Now
you’ve got some real causes for the body to move away from health and toward dis-ease!)

We live in a very toxic culture and an incredibly toxic time on our planet, where dangerous chemicals
surround us every second of the day. To isolate one toxic component, like heated plastic water bottles, is a rookie move. I understand that it was probably meant to help many people. But, again, taken out of context, this is ridiculous and lacks much value.

As an interesting side note: Yesterday was 94 degrees where I live. As I was stopped at a light, I noticed that both gas stations on the corner were storing cases upon cases of plastic water bottles outside on the sidewalk, in the blazing sun! Lovely.

Our health and our ability to prevent and heal from disease are all dependent on the millions of interconnected factors that comprise how we move (exercise, stretching, proprioception, rest, breathing, etc.), how we eat (healthy foods, nutritional complements, cleansing and detoxification,
etc.) and how we think (mental, emotional, spiritual, social and relationship health).

Our levels of purity and sufficiency in these 3 lifestyle categories must always greatly exceed our levels of toxicity and deficiency in order for us to experience true health. That’s how we create health and prevent dis-ease.

When our toxic and deficient lifestyle choices and environment become too much of a burden for our
bodies and minds, we move away from health. This is how sickness is created. Our internal environment becomes overburdened by our overall environment.

The solution? Do our best to make pure and sufficient choices in the way we move, eat and think. In other words, “fill up with health”.

I firmly believe that our health, or lack thereof, is an expression of an unfathomable number of cellular memories and responses to our cumulative environment. Cancer can’t possibly be due to “one” thing. It’s silly to assume so.

So, taking all of that into consideration, I consider the following when it comes to a famous rock star, like my girl, Sheryl: What are the chances that she has had peaceful, rhythmic sleep patterns in order to properly function all the years that she was on the road, touring? I know I wouldn’t get my best sleep, in different hotels, different time zones and going to bed so late night after night.

Did Sheryl bring a shower filter wherever she went? Lots of experts say that chlorine is directly
linked to hormonal cancers as well. Chlorine from pools, tap water (especially from hot showers)gets absorbed right into our tissues and cells. What kind of personal care products was she using? Did they contain petroleum or other carcinogenic ingredients?

Did she eat all fresh, locally grown, organic-whenever-possible “real” foods? Did she exercise with intensity and variety? Did she effectively offset her stress with consistency? Did she build her emotional, mental and spiritual health and balance with the same consistency?

Also, I remember reading an interview with Sheryl in a fitness magazine, back when she was dating Lance Armstrong. She was discussing how she had shed some pounds and burned off a lot of fat since dating Lance. She made reference to doing more cardiovascular exercise, in addition to resistance training, than ever before and eating WAY more vegetables than she ever had!

So, what had she been doing for the 40+ years before that? Who knows! And that’s exactly my point! Was she emotionally balanced? Did she have a happy, healthy childhood? Did she ever experience trauma? How many toxins has she unknowingly been exposed to in her life? And on and on and on.

It’s a crazy, overwhelming, massive puzzle that adds up to our current condition, isn’t it? Kinda’ silly to label ONE cause.

None of us could possibly know what ONE thing causes cancer in someone… because it’s NEVER one thing. It’s a myriad of intricately woven life experiences and lifestyle choices, resulting in your unique cellular memory, that will determine if your “breast cancer gene” will ever be expressed.

This is why those of us who have family members with breast cancer don’t need to automatically assume
they’ll be stricken with the same condition. Science now consistently shows that lifestyle plays a significantly larger role than genetics.

This is also why we can be optimistic and hopeful that a “cure” comes from a variety of sources. There is no one “right” way. We all respond differently. That’s a fabulous thing.

Our focus should be to add more and more holistic, balanced health – move well, eat well and think well! Create purity and sufficiency in these areas at all costs. Then you can start to reduce or eliminate your toxicities and deficiencies. We know for certain that this is the pathway to creating significantly better health. When health is abundant dis-ease simply cannot flourish.

Oh, and drink your bottled water joyfully! (Preferably from a glass container!)


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