Hormone Replacement Therapy, Is It Safe For Women?

Hormone Replacement Therapy, Is It Safe For Women?

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Hormone replacement therapy reflects a hormone therapy in which a patient is receiving some type of hormones. However, in this article the main focus would be on hormone replacement therapy for women. This treatment is used by many experts in conditions of; lack of naturally occurring hormones such as estrogen and progestin in women, to lessen or to overcome heart disease, osteoporosis and menopause and also to fight breast cancer symptoms.

Not only women but hormone therapies for men and transsexuals are also available. Men can opt for this treatment for androgen deficiency and transsexuals can have the hormones according to their gender role. For instance Trans females opt for estrogen-progestin therapy and for Trans males testosterone therapy is the solution.

Women who need to get cured from menopause usually go for this hormone replacement therapy. The most popular hormones therapy includes the estrogen therapy which is opted to eradicate the symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats. The therapy has been changed and named as estrogen progestin therapy due to addition of progestin.

On the other hand taking estrogen-progestin therapy can result in minor as well as serious issues, these minor issues include headaches, nausea and breast pain. In the serious issues it is believed that taking EPT can increase the risk of dangerous diseases such as uterine cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, stroke and abnormal vaginal bleeding. These risks have a higher percentage given for how long the hormone therapy has been taken. Patients’ who have undergone short term treatments (less than 5 years) are less likely to obtain symptoms of the above diseases. The longer these therapies are used the worse their side effects can be and the results can be very good if therapies are used for short amount of times. Researchers have also confirmed that weight gain during hormone therapy is less likely. There are other factors involved such as age.

After considering all these negative results the question that pops in our mind is that who is eligible to opt for hormone therapy. Although hormone therapy have side effects but it can also be very useful for women struggling with menopause symptoms.

Hormone replacement therapy for women, however, is considered as one of the crucial treatment which can help eradicate the menopause symptoms of women completely.


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