How to avoid external and internal hemorrhoids?

How to avoid external and internal hemorrhoids?

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Hemorrhoids are a condition where the anal veins are swollen. Though this is not a very serious issue it can cause a lot of pain. There are formed in two types Internal Hemorrhoids and External Hemroids. Internal Hemorrhoids are when the veins in the anal canal swells. They are not very painful as there are no nerves ending inside the anal canal. It is not even known until it starts bleeding during the bowel movement. When hard stools are rubbed against the hemorrhoids, they rapture and bleed. Internal hemorrhoids can prolapse or get pushed outside the anal opening. Sometimes internal hemorrhoids cause serious problems like the sphincter muscle goes into the spasm and traps the prolapsed hemorrhoids outside of the anus. When it is prolapsed the blood circulation into the strangulated hemorrhoids is cut off. This is an extremely serious condition which requires immediate medical attention. If not it may lead to death of the individual. Bleeding from anus can also be a symptom of cancer hence; it should be given immediate medical attention.

External hemorrhoids are formed outside the anus and its symptoms are swelling and formation of soft lumps outside the anus. This is a very painful situation to be in.

What are the causes of Hemorrhoids? They are caused when the pressure on the veins of the pelvic muscle increases. Usually tissues of the anus are filled with blood which helps control the bowel movement. If the person strains a lot while passing stools then it causes stretching and swelling of tissue. This causes hemorrhoids. It is very common among pregnant woman as they pressure increases after the sixth month of pregnancy. Strain of pushing the baby out during labor also causes hemorrhoids. Obesity is also one of the reasons for hemorrhoids.

Diet also plays a very important role as low or insufficient fiber content in the diet also leads to hemorrhoids. Aging, heredity, continuous bouts of diarrhea and constipation, and prolonged use of laxatives also causes hemorrhoids. When diagnosed in the initial stages, hemorrhoids treatment can be done with over the counter creams and proper diet. But, if it does not heal in a week’s time with the self medication, then it is better to take medical advice. It is generally believed that constipation causes hemorrhoids. About 20-30 grams of fiber taken every day in the diet plays an important in softening the stools and helps relief constipation. Over the counter creams and medication can be taken in the initial days of diagnosis and these help reducing itching and pain to some extent. Local anesthesia is given to relief itching and burning sensation. When diet and creams etc do not heal then, surgery becomes mandatory.


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