Fluoxetine Side Effects Information, Online Ordering

Fluoxetine Side Effects Information, Online Ordering

The FDA and a variety of medical organizations have carefully tested Fluoxetine side effects in numerous clinical trials. They have found that the side effects are usually quite minor and do not prevent most people from taking this medication for conditions that result from seratonin imbalances in brain chemistry.

The most common Fluoxetine side effects include dry mouth, drowsiness, and a decrease in sexual interest, nausea, weakness and yawning. In most people, these symptoms went away within a few weeks of beginning the medication. Generally people decided that the side effects were so mild that they preferred to continue to take the medication because of the pronounced improvement in their depression, panic disorder or OCD. Taking your medication at bedtime will help lessen the noticeable side effects.

Because Fluoxetine is FDA approved, you can rest assured that it has been thoroughly screened for any kind of major side effects and has been found safe for most people for the treatment of their depression. You should not, however, take Fluoxetine if you are currently or have recently taken MAO Inhibitors, another class of anti-depressants.

Fluoxetine side effects usually do not interfere with your quality of life, and the joy found in defeating your depression or panic disorder usually far outweighs any mild side effects like dry mouth or mild nausea. Don’t you think you should try Fluoxetine yourself and see why so many people rely on it to help them overcome the depression that used to rule their lives?


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